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Designed Backyard

Welcome to Earth Art, where landscaping is designed and
created with a purpose.


About Earth Art Landscaping

Landscaping with a purpose

It all began back in 1987 when founder Joseph Hagen had a dream of building beautiful landscapes that had a purpose! So many companies were just selling patios & plants with not much thought for how the project would weather the test of time.  Often, he was called in to remove the existing overgrown plantings because they no longer suited the needs of the client and a redesign was warranted for a new look. 


Joseph knew there was a better approach.  Having studied the classic gardens, he took notice of the timelessness of a well-thought-out plan.  He knew that every little detail would need to be assessed at the beginning phase of planning so that it would never outgrow its purpose! 

Styled Garden


 Joe and I began working together as my custom house was being built on a large lot that backed up to woods and seasonal wetlands.  The house is a large ranch that required extensive flower and shrub beds.  In addition to making suggestions of flowers, shrubs, and trees, Joe also asked me what I would like.  He developed a very professional-looking landscape plan using sophisticated software with each flower, plant, tree, and shrub clearly identified. Joe also suggested a different layout for the asphalt driveway that enhanced the beauty of the front yard landscape and was far better than what my builder recommended. To save money he suggested hydroseed for the large back yard and when the first application grew sparsely, he returned for a second application. Joe was friendly, full of helpful suggestions, returned calls promptly, and showed up for appointments on time.  Finally, in my small private road subdivision, the beauty of my landscaping far exceeds that of the other houses, and several neighbors have complimented me on how nice everything looks and flows together.

Jeff Holmes



Reliable & Trustworthy

Excellent Communication 

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